Dwór Konstancin*** Od Lasu 23, Konstancin- Jeziorna     

We hope that your stay at Dwór Konstancin *** will be pleasant and memorable. We will put all the effort in making sure that you feel safe and comfortable.

Worth seeing while being in Konstancin:

  • The complex of factory facilities and workers' housing estate from the late XIX and early XX century in Mirków (paper factory)
  • The historic factory building at ul. Wojska Polskiego (now restored as a shopping centre "Stara Papiernia" - "Old Paper Mill")
  • The complex of historic villas from the late  XIX and early XX century, in a historic area under conservation
  • Monuments of religious architecture: The Church of St. Joseph in Mirków, The church of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary in Konstancin, The Church of Our Lady of angels in Skolimów (all from the early XX century) and The Church of St. Sigmunt in Słomczyn from the XVIII century
  • Manor and the Manor Park in Obory from the XVII century
  • Manor and the Manor Park in Turowice
  • Manor w Skolimów
  • Emaus United Methodist Centre in Klarysew, ul. Słoneczna
  • The building of seminar "Księżówka" in Skolimów, ul. Słowackiego
  • The Mill at Jeziorka in Skolimów, ul. Chylicka
  • The building of the Wilanów train station in Klarysew, ul. Warszawska
  • I World War cemetery "Marynin", graves of the Polish from the Russian and German annexation - between Obory and Łyczyn at the slope of the Vistula glacial valleys