Dwór Konstancin*** Od Lasu 23, Konstancin- Jeziorna     

The Management of the hotel will appreciate your cooperation and respecting this Regulation, which serves a peaceful and safe stay of our guests.


1. The Regulation concerns every person staying in the Dwór Konstancin hotel.

2. Accommodation spaces in the hotel, called the rooms are booked for nights only.

3. The hotel night starts at 2 p.m. and ends at 12:00 the next day. Keeping the room after 12:00 is treated as booking another night and will be automatically included in the bill according to the valid hotel prices.

4. Guests with valid reservation can take the room without additional payments between 11:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the day when the reservation starts, unless the room is not ready.


1. When booking a hotel room, guests should determine the time of their stay. If not, it is considered one night.

2. A request for a longer stay (different than determined when checking in) should be reported at the reception desk until 10.00 a.m.

3. The hotel may not satisfy the request of a longer stay if no rooms available.

4. Payment for the stay should be made in advance when checking in.


1. The hotel provides services according to its category and standard. In case of objections regarding the quality of services, guests should report at the reception desk, in order to allow the staff verifying the issue.

 2. The hotel should provide:

a.     Conditions for a full and undisturbed stay of a guest.

b.     Safety of the stay and confidentiality.  

c.     Professional and polite service.

d.     Keeping the room clean and making necessary repairs of equipment while the guests’ absence, or in the guests’ presence if permitted.

e.     Efficient technical service or in case of faults that can’t be repaired, the hotel will offer another room if available.


1. On the guests’ request the hotel provides services (without additional payments):

·         Providing information concerning the stay and travel.

·         Waking up at the appointed hour.

·         The hotel can refuse the luggage storage in dates other than in the reservation or when the luggage character doesn’t allow storing.

·         Making reservations in other hotels.

·         Lending a hair dryer etc.





1. The hotel is responsible for losing or damaging items of the hotel guests according to art. 846, 852 of the Civil Code.

2. Guests should report to the reception about the damage immediately.

3. The hotel responsibility for losing or damaging values, money or securities is limited if the items were not put in the reception deposit.

 4. The hotel reserves the right to refuse taking into deposit items of big value or big amounts of money.



1. The hotel guests have no right to give the room to other persons, even if the time of their reservation has not passed yet.


1. The hotel curfew starts at 10 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. on the next day.

2. Visitors without valid reservation cannot stay in the hotel room during the curfew.  

3. The guests’ behavior should not disturb the other people. The hotel may refuse providing further service to a person that does not respect the regulation.

4. The hotel organizes various occasional events and has a right to interfere the curfew. The receptionist’s duty is to inform the guests about any event organized in the hotel at the time of the reservation.



1. Each time when leaving the room, guests should check if the door is locked and deposit the key at the reception.

2. The hotel guests are financially responsible for any type of damage caused to the hotel belongings if caused by the guests or their visitors.

3. To maintain the fire safety it is forbidden to use in the hotel rooms: heaters, irons or similar items that do not belong to the hotel.

4. To maintain the fire safety, current legislation and well-being of other guests, smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking areas are outside the hotel. For disrespect of this regulation, every guest will be fined with 500 zł for refreshing the room.

5. The hotel may refuse to accept the guest who violated the regulation during previous stay.




1. Private items left in the hotel room will be stored in the hotel office of lost and found items for the period of 1 month. Shipping the items will be possible on the guests’ request and at their expense.


Management of the hotel