Dwór Konstancin*** Od Lasu 23, Konstancin- Jeziorna     


The perfect location of Dwór Konstancin gives endless opportunities of rest, relaxation or active leisure. Wonderful alleys and forest surroundings along with the health paths make for fantastic conditions for   Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking is easier and more effective than a lot of other sport disciplines – also beautiful but for some reasons more difficult. Marching with poles – after working on the technique – activates 90% of the body muscles. For comparison: swimming - 65%, jogging – 60%. Furthermore, during incomparably lighter than in other disciplines effort, you will burn more calories per hour – 400kcal, while simple walking burns 280kcal at the same time.

Nordic Walking increases oxygen uptake by approximately 20-58% according to intensity of marching with the poles. The pulse increases by 5-17 beats per minute, the heart muscle is pumping more blood and thanks to that our organism is oxygenated better. Nordic Walking improves cardiovascular system fitness and reduces the heart attack hazard.


  • Easy and quick to learn
  • Almost anyone can do it, no matter the age, weight and initial skills or stamina
  • Effectively trains all lower limbs muscles,  upper limbs rectifiers, strengthening the core, arms, shoulder and stomach muscles
  • Perfect conditions of the surrounding nature and the healing climate