Dwór Konstancin*** Od Lasu 23, Konstancin- Jeziorna     

Tired after the travel or with daily duties? Have aching muscles and joints? You would like to take care of yourself and relax after a hard training in Dwór Konstancin?:) 

We invite our hotel guests to 
www.ckr.pl, where they can use the swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and the salt cave.

Dear guests! During your stay in Dwór Konstancin you may use the swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and the salt cave with half-price tickets! Just show your valid hotel residence card at the reception desk of the recreation centre CKR.

The swimming pool at 
www.ckr.pl is 12x25m big and 1,2-1,8m deep. Equipped with geysers, water jets and counter currents. Water temperature is 29°C. Hotel guests can also learn to swim and take part in group activities under the care of physiotherapists. At your disposal there are loads of pool floaties and a shallow descent into the water for the beginners.

Swimming and hydro massages are suggested especially for those with diseases of the locomotors system. Using the swimming pool regularly: relieves the spine, reduces muscle tension, activates the cardio-respiratory system, increases locomotors system flexibility, works as a painkiller, toughens the body and helps to reduce the body weight.

All that for our guests – during the stay – with valid residence card! The residence cards are given at the reception desk in the hotel while checking in.

Concerned about the well-being and safety of our guests in CKR we suggest learning about the opening hours of the swimming pool, the pool regulations and taking the swimming suit, bathing cap (obligatory), flip-flops, towel and swimming goggles with you.

It’s only a 5 minute walk from Dwór Konstancin.
Gąsiorowskiego 12/14
Tel. basen: 22 703 05 55
Tel. grota solna 22 703 03 35